SS 63 mm Stainless Steel Conveyor

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Benefits of SS 63 mm Stainless Steel Conveyors:

The SS Conveyor is suitable for a wide range of applications either for horizontal or vertical product transportation.

Different Conveyor Chain Types
The SS multi-flexing conveyor systems uses a plastic chain that permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. In addition to the standard types, several special purpose chains are available. Take a look in the Tech Data located under Manuals & Literature for all options available. Please contact us or your local distributor for further assistance.

Chain Width (mm)

Conveyor Chain Width (mm)
 Chain Width (mm)63 mm
 Tensile strength at 20ºC (N) 4000 N
 Working temperature ºC 20ºC – 60ºC
 Min. turning radius (mm) 150 mm
 Max. working tensile at 20ºC (N) 500 N
 Link spacing (mm) 25.4 mm
 Max. weight on conveyor (kg)150 kg
 Item width (mm) 15-140 mm
 Max. conveyor length (m) 30 m
 Standard conveyor speed (m/min) 3-50 m/min
 Chain weight (plain) (kg/m)